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When Barber's Dairy started in the 1930s, the dairy housed a large ice plant, which produced enough ice to keep the pasteurized milk, buttermilk, butter, cottage cheese and other dairy products cold on company delivery trucks. Ever since then, Barber's has been synonymous with freshness.

Founder George H. Barber played a vital role in the establishment of the US Public Health Service Grade A Pasteurized Milk Ordinance. This one ordinance changed forever the way milk is processed - ensuring a sanitary and safe milk supply for the entire country.

Throughout the 40s, 50s and 60s, Barber's expanded and grew. By the 1970s, Barber's boasted new manufacturing and operational headquarters, as well as full-service distribution centers across the Southeast. As the oldest dairy in Alabama, Barber's currently enjoys the reputation of delivering the best dairy products in Alabama and parts of Mississippi, Georgia and Florida.

Innovation has always been the hallmark of Barber's Dairy. We introduced wax-coated paperboard cartons in 1949 and opaque white plastic jugs in the 1980s to keep out the light that destroys nutrient content and maintain taste and freshness.

People who know what good milk should taste like choose Barber's as the best-selling brand around. We consistently exceed the standards in temperature, storage and shipping just to make sure that our milk is fresher, better, longer.

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