Tuesday, 23 April 2002

Hershey(R)’s Chocolate Milk Can Also Be a Great-Tasting Way to Strengthen Bones During May Osteoporosis Awareness Month

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Tuesday, 23 April 2002

DALLAS, April 23 — It is well documented that milk contains
high levels of bone-building calcium. Morningstar Foods, through a licensing
agreement with Hershey Foods Corporation (NYSE: HSY), manufactures delicious
Hershey’s Chocolate Milk. In addition to being great-tasting and fun-to-
drink, this beverage contains bone-building calcium.

May is Osteoporosis Awareness Month

Osteoporosis, known as the “silent disease,” often leads to bone fragility
and an increased susceptibility to fractures of the hip, spine, and wrist.
The loss of bone mass and deterioration of bone tissue cannot be felt and, as
a result, osteoporosis often goes undetected. The good news is that this
disease, which can strike at any age, is preventable.

“We tend to ignore those health issues that we cannot feel or see,” said
Toby Purdy, senior vice president for Morningstar Foods. “Health
professionals at the National Institutes of Health advocate a four-step plan
comprised of a balanced diet, rich in calcium and vitamin D; weight-bearing
exercise; a healthy lifestyle with no smoking and limited alcohol intake; and
bone density testing and medication, when appropriate. An easy and
great-tasting way to increase your calcium intake is to consume our Hershey’s
Milks, which have 67 percent more calcium than regular milk.”

A Few Facts About Osteoporosis

Fact: Osteoporosis is a major public health threat for more than 28 million Americans, 80 percent of who are women.

Fact: The estimated national direct expenditures (hospitals and nursing homes) for osteoporotic and associated fractures is $13.8 billion ($38 million each day) and the cost is rising.

Fact: By about age 20, the average woman has acquired 98 percent of her skeletal mass. Building strong bones during childhood and adolescence can be the best defense against developing osteoporosis later.

About Hershey’s Milk

Hershey’s Chocolate Milk boasts 67 percent more calcium* than regular milk
and just two 8-ounce servings provide the recommended daily intake of calcium.
Hershey’s 2% Reduced Fat Chocolate Milk, Hershey’s Fat Free Chocolate Milk and
Hershey’s 2% Reduced Fat Strawberry Milk have convenient, re-sealable tops.
Single-serve Hershey’s Milk is packaged in a multi-layer HDPE bottle with
superior light-blocking and barrier properties, which help to improve the
shelf life, taste and freshness of the product.

*Hershey’s flavored milks contain 50 percent RDI (recommended daily
intake) of calcium per serving. Regular 2% Reduced Fat Milk contains only
30 percent RDI of calcium per serving.

About Morningstar Foods Inc.

Morningstar Foods Inc. is a subsidiary of Dean Foods Company (NYSE: DF),
one of the nation’s leading food and beverage companies. Morningstar Foods
produces branded value-added and private label extended shelf life flavored
and single serve milk, soymilk, lactose-free milk, sour cream, cottage cheese,
dips, salad dressings, yogurt, egg substitute, half-and-half, coffee creamers,
aerosol and pre-whip topping.

Morningstar Foods’ nationally branded products include International
Delight(R) coffee creamers, Marie’s(R) dip and salad dressings, Dean Dips,
Dean Dips for One(TM), Mocha Mix(R) non-dairy coffee creamer, Naturally
Yours(TM) sour cream, Second Nature(R) eggs, Sun Soy(R) soymilk and Dairy
Ease(R) lactose-free milks. Products produced under licensed brands include
Hershey’s milks, Folgers(R) Jakada(TM) chilled coffee beverage, Farm Rich(R)
coffee creamers, and Coffee Rich(R) coffee creamers.

For more information, visit www.morningstarfoods.com .

About Hershey Foods Corporation

Hershey Foods Corporation is the leading North American manufacturer of
quality chocolate and non-chocolate confectionery, chocolate-related grocery
products and gum and mints. REESE’S(R) peanut butter cups, HERSHEY(R)’S
chocolate and chocolate with almonds bars, HERSHEY(R)’S KISSES(R) chocolates,
KIT KAT(R) wafer bars, TWIZZLERS(R) candy, HERSHEY(R)’S cocoa, HERSHEY(R)’S
syrup, ICE BREAKERS(R), CARE FREE(R) chewing gum and BUBBLE YUM(R) bubble gum
are some of the company’s most popular products.

Press Contact: Jerrod Resweber


SOURCE Dean Foods Company

-0- 04/23/2002

/CONTACT: Jerrod Resweber, +1-972-830-2427, for Dean Foods Company/

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