We act fairly and responsibly to our customers, consumers, stakeholders and partners.

A responsible corporate citizen.

At Dean Foods, we know that doing the right thing is the best thing for our company.

While the scale of our business is big, we strive to act responsibly in every interaction – all of our locations, all of the time. It’s there in the animal welfare standards we require of the farms that provide our milk, our employees, and producers. And we believe it’s there in the quality of our products.

Dairy stewardship

Dairy is a huge part of our business – so responsibility starts with the health and welfare of the cow. We have a responsibility to make sure our suppliers take care of their cattle and use industry-wide guidelines to conduct thorough assessments and third-party audits.

  • Created the Director of Dairy Stewardship role to establish best-practice standards in dairy stewardship
  • 8,000+ farms work to our agreed standards in dairy stewardship

Employees and ethics

From our processing plants to our headquarters, we take issues like safety, diversity and equality seriously. We have developed important management tools and programs to improve our understanding of our employees and the challenges they face. We also provide an anonymous Code of Ethics help line for all employees.


Our locations across the United States need to comply with hundreds of specific regulations to protect the environment and employee safety. We work hard to maintain compliance in our plants and our vehicles, continually investing in training and tracking our compliance efforts.

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